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To whom it may concern:

A Permanent Solution pigments are manufactured at our facility in California.  Using strict guidelines,

we adhere to the exact same formulas and recipes to create a consistent color with every batch.  

The bottles selected are heavy duty plastic to prevent evaporation of the wet solutions as well as ease

of control when squeezing color by droplets.  Because pigment granules differ in strength and intensity,

some of the bottles will appear stained with the color, thus appearing darker in the bottle than when

applied in a pigment cup or tray.

We purchase our powder granules from an American company that supplies to the tattoo community at

large.  Powders will contain iron oxide as a main ingredient, with titanium dioxide present in most lip

colors and all flesh tones.  The eyeliner and brow pigments aren’t lightened with titanium dioxide.

A Permanent Solution has been manufacturing pigments for more than 15 years, and our colors have

been placed in the reconstructed breasts of thousands of breast cancer survivors.  A testimony to the

safety of our color…….

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email correspondence.  We

look forward to satisfying your micropigmentation needs.

Quality Control Division

A Permanent Solution


To whom it may concern:

The following statement below comes from our powder manufacturer.

Our powdered inks have been tested and used for thirty years.  They have been used throughout the

world and are safe.  In a very rare incidence, someone might have an allergy to a pigment and therefore

we recommend your doing a spot test on the bottom of the person’s foot if they do have allergies to


Our Homogenized inks are made from our powdered inks and again are safe to use.  Once again a test

spot is recommended in cases of allergies.  Our Homogenized ink bottle  labels state, “DO NOT USE

NEAR EYES” because they do contain witch hazel and some witch hazel bottles say this also, so we do


Both our powdered inks and our Homogenized inks have been tested many years for safety before being

put out on the market.

As to what the ingredients are in our colors, we do not give that information out as it is our trade secret.  

If we let you know what they are made of then it becomes public domain and anyone can copy them.  

As I have already stated these inks have been on the market for quite some time now and we’ve had no

problems with them.


Flo Makofske

A Permanent Solution информационное письмо для клиентов (отправляется в электронном виде на имейл)

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